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DAAN is a Product designed to end your client’s largest fear: harassing collection calls. The DAAN system includes our home transmitter Module that ends those troubling calls to the family. Collection calls are an arbiter’s biggest problem, as the new client often drops out of the program because the calls frighten and embarrass the family. This is costly to the Debt Settlement Professional, as a lost client is lost revenue… not a viable business model.

The Debtor Activated Account Notification system can reduce BBB customer service complaints, increase in-house productivity, and act as a decisive closing tool.

DAAN Advantage One, is client Satisfaction and Retention.
DAAN Advantage Two is just as powerful: legal income, from the day of sign up. .
DAAN Advantage Three is our monitored call center that can streamline the negotiation process with the creditors. The creditors are redirected to our Call Center to receive customized directions on how to proceed with the claim, and DAAN formally notifies the Creditor not to contact the client by telephone again.

DAAN Modules come in attorney and non-attorney models. Our Call Center options include redirecting callers to your negotiators or, simply and anonymously convincing callers not to call the debtor again or, delivering the message of your choice. Regardless, all calls are monitored and caller identities and time of calls are captured. Unusual call activity will be reported to you.

DAAN is a physical product and creates a steady income stream for Debt Professionals for as long as your client feels the need to have the protection of DAAN.

We have been providing DAAN to attorneys and debt resolution firms since 2004. We’re successful because DAAN works and we deliver more than promised. There are no up fronts cost and we bill in arrears, proving our systems efficacy before you pay for it. You sub-lease DAAN to your clients for all the benefits AND a very nice, monthly profit unaffected by the new FTC Rule.

DAAN is the only TANGIBLE product serving debtors and debt relief companies. Give clients the power to end collection calls without saying a word and you’ll have more and happier clients completing your program and less administrative expenses. Visit us at or call us at1-419-794-0037

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