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  • The IAPDA has been involved for over a decade and a half in all phases of development of the consumer debt relief industry – and will continue to be involved in the exciting future of consumer debt relief.
  • The IAPDA is the industry’s leading debt settlement, credit counseling and student loan consolidation training and certification programs. In business since 2000, we’ve become the training gold standard for consumer debt relief professionals. To be trained and certified by the IAPDA tells everyone that you are a Certified Debt Specialist, Certified Credit Counseling Specialist and Certified Student Loan Specialist ready to help consumers who need it.
  • We see that the entire debt relief industry is now evolving into to an industry which is much more consumer and solutions focused. We have evolved by offering a complete debt relief education to our members, with training and certification IAPDA certified members are now able to professionally advise their consumer clients on all debt relief options available to them for solving overwhelming debt problems.
  • We’re unique because we focus on individuals. We work with the industry’s leading debt relief companies training and certifying staff members. We also help entrepreneurs become trained and certified so they can start a new consumer debt relief business.
  • IAPDA certification numbers have grown rapidly and steadily since formation in 2000 to over 4500 individuals IAPDA trained and certified, demonstrating the debt relief industry’s recognition and endorsement of IAPDA training and certification programs.

is a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC). This company has demonstrated the required business practices and standards required by the AFCC to display the AFCC seal. To find out more about AFCC, please e-mail us at info@americanfaircreditcouncil.org .
Code of Conduct
As a member of the AFCC, IAPDA has agreed to comply with our Code of Conduct , which requires, among other things, that the company will not charge you any fees until after they have resolved debt for you. If you believe that IAPDA is not complying with this, or any other aspect of our Code of Conduct , please let us know by visiting our Complaints page.

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